Hiking and Outdoors

Hiking and other outdoor activities in Aspen. 

Mom and kid horseback riding near Aspen
Opportunities to go back in time and explore the Elk Mountain Range and Aspen back country on horseback and by trails abound in the Aspen area, with several available local outfitting companies to choose from. Now days people hop in their cars and drive through...Read more
Aspen trees in Fall
We love being surrounded by Quaking Aspen Trees in our valley. Watching the change from summer to fall is very dramatic and celebrated with driving tours, bike rides, hikes, gondola rides, and a lot of pictures taken to capture the memories of this spectacularly amazing...Read more
COLORADO WILDFLOWERS IN THEIR GLORY Hundreds of species of wildflowers and more than 750 types of wildflowers are found in Colorado. Because of the climate in Colorado, there are three seasons of the year that provide a fabulous palette of colors throughout the spring, summer,...Read more
Lost Forest Coaster
Lost Forest Mountain Adventure Park in Snowmass! Calling all outdoor enthusiasts. The Lost Forest is an ALL day adventure of your choosing on Snowmass Mountain. Nestled on the side of the mountain, tucked away in the trees and the landscape you will discover an alpine...Read more
Biking trail
We are about a month away from the Audi Power of Four Mountain Bike Race, which is part of the Power of Four series held in Aspen, CO. The Audi Power of Four Series is the ultimate in endurance and extreme athleticism combining all four...Read more
Whitewater Rafting in Glenwood Canyon
River Rafting in the Roaring Fork Valley is Unbeatable! Summertime in the valleys introduces a whole array of new activities for mountain fun. Enjoying time on the rivers and rafting is one of our favorite ways to spend the day! You can ride the waves...Read more
Wildflowers and mountain background
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) For 50 years, ACES has offered year-round educational classes for all generations. Their programs are world renowned because of the location, the quality of their programs, and the support they receive from their very valued donors. If you are...Read more
Woman fishing and holding a trout
“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Norman Maclean Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley offer breathtaking scenery, nature in all its glory, unspoiled wilderness, pristine rivers and lakes, and year-round fly fishing. If we combine all of the above...Read more
Sleigh ride to Pine Creek Cookhouse
Locals and visitors alike can reside in the truth that there are so many fun activities to accomplish in this little ski town! Get the most out of the late season by tracking an Aspen bucket list and see how many items you can check...Read more
Ashcroft in fall
Top Five Reasons to Visit Aspen in the Fall 1. Town to Yourself Fall in Aspen is one of my most favorite times of the year. We consider it “off-season.” It is the time for the locals to regain Aspen for a fleeting moment before...Read more