Aspen’s Sustainable Tourism

Sun through pine trees

Aspen is undoubtedly a popular tourism location but it is also interesting to note that it is among top sustainable destinations suggested by


A little history of Aspen will tell you that it is a former silver mining town turned into a popular tourist destination with world-class shoppingdining, and nightlife. However, the Aspen area also offers spectacular landscapes and a number of recreational activities in and around our incredible natural environment. Travelers can enjoy nature and wilderness thanks to the proximity of the White River National Forest, as well as several summer and winter leisure activities, such as trekking, biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing/snowboarding and ice skating.


Aspen has made environmental sustainability one of its priorities, recognizing the threat that climate change poses not only to the whole ecosystem, but also to the local economic activities of winter holiday locations such as the ski industry. Specifically, the Aspen Skiing Company has made sustainability a pillar of their business model, which positively trickles out to the rest of this tourism based economy. Aspen Snowmass says for instance, “Our goal is to stay in business forever. To do that, we must remain profitable, solve climate change, treat our community well and operate in a manner that doesn’t harm our local environment.” In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the company has invested in clean energy, green buildings, and sustainable transport, while directing investments and finances to philanthropic environmental projects.


Furthermore, Aspen city council is also promoting green practices such as recycling, energy saving and green loans. It launched Aspen’s ZGreen Program, a certification and outreach program aimed at Aspen’s businesses, events, residents and visitors to raise awareness on sustainability.


So what does McCartney Properties do to aid in the battle against climate change? As a short term rental company and property management company, we have plenty of avenues to make small changes that have a huge effect on our climate. The influx of tourists into this small mountain town has a great consumer impact, and at McCartney Properties, we find it important to lessen that impact on the town’s infrastructure. From supplying our housekeeping team with green/ non-toxic cleaning supplies to adding high MPG cars to our fleet, we always weigh the environment in our company’s decisions. One new venture includes working with the nation-wide Sonder Project to donate unused food and supplies left behind from our guests to local food distribution centers or shelters. We love the Aspen culture and mountain landscape, and we work hard to support charitable organizations and create opportunities to celebrate and protect the mountain environment we live and work in.