Aspen Winter Bucket List

Sleigh ride to Pine Creek Cookhouse

Locals and visitors alike can reside in the truth that there are so many fun activities to accomplish in this little ski town! Get the most out of the late season by tracking an Aspen bucket list and see how many items you can check off before the snow melts.


  1. Catch FIRST TRACKS on Ajax. Call Ski Company to reserve!
  2. Morning yoga at the Sundeck with Shakti Shala. It is an awesome, hour-long mountaintop yoga class and only $5 per person.
  3. Bonnie’s Breakfast. PANCAKES! Enjoy the quiet mornings Aspen mountain has to offer with the best breakfast at 10,000 feet.
  4. Hike the Highland Bowl on Highland Mountain. A 45-minute hike up to the tip top is not for the weak, you have to earn your turns on this mountain. The vertical rise is 3,635 feet and the top is 12,392 feet. It is pure magic once you reach the summit!   
  5. Go to a show at Belly Up! Aspen’s local music venue.
  6. Go sledding at the Aspen Recreation Center hill. Or any sledding hill you desire!
  7. Have hot cocoa from The Little Nell. The best and prettiest in town!
  8. Skin every mountain once. Yep, all of em. Our four mountains are Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. That's a lot of verticle!
  9. Pinecreek Cookhouse reservation and friends day out. You may either take a horse-drawn sleigh ride, snowshoe or cross country ski to the restaurant!
  10. A vacation in Aspen is incomplete without a trip to Aspen Highlands and the famous Cloud 9 Bistro. Known from sea to shining sea the European-style cabin is the perfect place to kick off apres.
  11. Hut trip to Lindley. Located at the foot of Star Peak at 10,480 feet, near the head of Castle Creek valley south of the city of Aspen. You skin in with all your supplies. It is in the backcountry and known avalanche terrain.
  12. Paraglide over Aspen or Snowmass Mountain!