Airbnb Kitchens


An Airbnb is a great option if you want to spend quality time with family and friends while on vacation. The kitchen by today’s standards is more of a living space where families gather and entertain, sometimes referred to as the heartbeat of a home. It is the place where meals will be prepared, laughs will be shared, togetherness is cherished, and memories created.


Where better to bring this about than in the kitchen?

A great feature of choosing to book a condo, home or other rental over a hotel is that you get a full kitchen! This can save you money on your travels if you are dime conscientious and create fun memories. Here are some tricks and tips to use your rental kitchen best.

The keys to success here are threefold – big beautiful meals, with a few ingredients (you won’t have a full spice rack or pantry) and skillfully made with basic kitchen instruments.

**Embrace the vibe of your vacation and use local ingredients and flavors!

My first word of advice for this entry – is to get to know your way around a cheeseboard! A good cheeseboard can be so impressive, and is simple to create. You likely won’t have a cheeseboard in your rental. Look for their largest serving dish, a cutting board or a sheet pan!

Think variety and color with punches of flavor! Sweet, salty, savory, creamy, buttery, spicy and tart to name a few. Buy your basics – a nice cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan, brie and maybe a blue. Choose a few different types of crackers then add your favorite veggies, meat, seafood and fresh fruit. For a dash of piazza bake the brie in a puff pastry with a jalapeno jam, fresh pesto sauce, garlic or add your favorite type of nut to the tray. This is an easy and informative cheeseboard demonstration, if you are still in search of inspiration.


For other meal options, think of your favorite one-pot creations! Chili, stir fry, pasta dishes, soups, or stews. You can be certain you will have the kitchenware necessary for these creations and they will be easy to whip up after a long day on the slopes. Here’s a recipe for a delicious summer chili. Fresh vegetables flavors kick this up a level from traditional meat chilies.

Another great option when in a foreign kitchen is to familiarize yourself with fresh vegetables – become a salad making legend! You will have a knife and a cutting board, so salads and fresh veggies are a great option. Whip up a vinaigrette like this one with a fork and bowl for an added touch of homemade love.

Keep it simple, keep it flavorful and enjoy your temporary space by getting to know its kitchen.