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On Snowmass Mountain, find an alpine coaster, biking trails, rope course, climbing walls and zip lines!

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!

The Lost Forest is an ALL day adventure of your choosing on Snowmass Mountain. Nestled on the side of the mountain, tucked away in the trees and the landscape you will discover an alpine coaster, biking trails, rope course, climbing walls and zip lines. Soar from tree to tree, fly through the leaves with the wind whipping through your hair on a serpentine track whooping like a banshee, ascend into the bluebird sky, race down the mountain through fields of Aspen trees and challenge yourself high above the forest floor. There are two, 18 hole disc golf courses, paintball battles, ponds to fish in, breathtaking views from the top of the mountain peaks and hikes to explore.

Lost Forest tickets are broken down into several packages. If you are short on time you may select your series of adventures for the day, instead of trying to pack it all in. The prices range anywhere from $37 a person to $219 a person for full access. If you purchase the passes 7 days in advance you will save 20%. The locals have an option to buy a season pass for the summer months. Guided experiences are also offered privately or in a group setting.

Please visit Lost Forest for a more detailed description of each activity.

We rode the Breathtaker Coaster 11 times in one day! Can you beat our record? Are you up for the challenge?